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Zen Restoration
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in the internal communication among members of the design and construction team formulated for each project, which is as important to us as the quality of our execution whether seen in the custom architectural details, beautiful cabinetry, stonework, faux finishes or the elegant simplicity of an artfully hidden, well-engineered, integrated HVAC system. Our reputation is built on successful relationship with: Architects, Designers, and Private Individuals.

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Nº 1 AB Interiors Nº 2 Alan Orenbuch Architects Nº 3 Alan Tanksley Interior and Design Nº 4 Alberto Pinto Interior Design Nº 5 Andre Tchelistcheff Architects Nº 6 Bella Mancini Design Nº 7 Bjorn Bjornsson Design Nº 8 Boris Baranovich Architects Nº 9 Bryan O’Rourke Inc. Nº 10 Cullman & Kravis, Inc. Nº 11 Denise Kuriger Design Nº 12 Douglas C. Wright Architects Nº 13 Erica Millar Design Nº 14 Fawn Galli Interior Design Nº 15 George W. Sweeney Architect Nº 16 Georgis & Mirgorodsky Nº 17 James Dixon Architect PC Nº 18 James Mohn Design Nº 19 Jendretzki LLC Nº 20 Kathryn McGraw Berry AIA Nº 21 John B. Murray Architects Nº 22 Meyer Davis Studio Inc Nº 23 Michalski Studio Nº 24 Peter Pennoyer Architects Nº 25 Russell Riccardi Architect, PC Nº 26 Sam Blount Inc. Nº 27 Shawn Henderson Interior Design Nº 28 SP Wong Architect PLLC Nº 29 Stephen Wang & Associates Nº 30 Steven Harris Architects Nº 31 Steven Kratchman Architect, P.C. Nº 32 Rebecca Rasmussen Architects Nº 33 Timothy Corrigan Nº 34 T.P. Greer Architects Nº 35 Vail Associates Architects Nº 36 Wettling Architects
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We will be happy to provide a quote for your project, or to assist in budgeting during the pre-construction process.

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273 Russell Street
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Pluto Plumbing Inc.
T: + 1 718 - 349 - 9429
Mercury Electric Inc.
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TWE Marble Stone Inc.
T: +1 718 - 599 - 0307
Kaiser Decorating Inc.
T: +1 718 - 349 - 8658